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Cloud / Virtualization Services


What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Services (Cloud Computing, Internet based computing, etc) provides your business with a variety of services at varying levels.  If you ever get confused, just replace the word “Cloud” with “Remote”.

Virtualization enables multiple servers to share 1 physical machine (and therefore share the physical cpu, ram and storage of that physical machine between multiple virtual servers)

The ‘Cloud’ is making lives more convenient and efficient on a daily basis. Cloud computing brings cost reduction and increased business agility to handle the rapidly changing  nature of business.  The centralization of a company’s IT infrastructure to one location (and perhaps another for disaster recovery/redundancy) allows employees access to the information they need to accomplish their jobs through a web browser from anywhere and on any machine.   The ability for businesses to share resources and a pool of information increases utilization and efficiency, and also makes backups and system recoveries easier and more reliable.

If your company is large enough for a dedicated IT staff, but the dept is too small to handle a 24×7 operation, move your servers and applications to the cloud.  This frees up your IT staff to manage critical development work.


Its time to think about cloud services…

When your hardware is old and replacement hardware is too expensive.
Why not put an end to high investment costs in new hardware and halt the cycle of buying hardware year after year?  This will reduce the impact to our environment and raise your green initiative

When you have outgrown your current IT footprint and are ready to grow but now also want your business critical services available anywhere you have an internet connection – worldwide!

When IT budget regularly exceeds budget projections and your staff cannot handle the amount of servers efficiently and optimally.
Minimizing expenditures (hardware purchases and associated support contracts) will improve overall efficiency and maximizes savings.   Let someone else bear your IT burdens!


What does Cloud computing offer?

From Cloud online backups to cloud hosted email, there are various services that the ‘Cloud’ can offer your business.

Hosted Domain Services

Your own dedicated and secure cloud server with vpn services


Hosted Email Services and/or BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) Services

Your own dedicated email server in the cloud (with support for Blackberry devices)

Cloud Online Backups and/or Hosted File Servers

Your own Cloud data store  – this can also be used for Online backups and even HA (high availability)  for your Business applications providing assurance, accessibility and reliability your business in the event of a disaster.

Hosted Terminal Servers

Put all your apps on a cloud server…. secure but accessible to anyone with a credentials and an internet connection.