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General Pricing


Are we crazy?! Divulge our prices before even speaking with us? That’s right! You don’t have time to waste and we don’t want to waste your time. If you like our prices, please contact us today!

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Hourly Rates:
Free 1 hour Initial Consultation*


For our rates, please see HERE


For an idea of how much competitors are charging, click here.

So, now that you know one of our competitor’s prices, whats the difference?


DMAC Technology group offers project pricing – for less.  We also do contract or flat rate pricing – for less. For example, to setup a computer onsite, THEY would charge $99.99 for:

Physically setup and connect computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
Perform first time setup
Install critical system updates and set to automatically install future updates
Create user accounts (if applicable)
Optimize start-up and shutdown
Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
Remove unwanted programs and trialware
Test network and internet connectivity on existing network
Set default web browser, homepage and search provider
Demonstrate basic functionality and answer questions
Install and update Internet security software
Install and configure apps/software programs (MS Office, Adobe Reader, etc.) up to 1 application
Setup email account(s) up to 1 account
Install one hardware device (printer, external hard drive, video card, RAM, etc.)


We do everything above at our project rates but also whatever else can be done within that same 1 hr.  So, if we did 2 computers in the same hour, its the same rate.  That’s the DMAC Technology Group difference.


Some work can be designated ‘low priority’ and a lower rate can be negotiated.

Special projects that take significant amount of time are by signed contract unless already under a pre-existing signed contract.

Rates are for labor only during normal business hours Monday-Friday, and do not include any additional hardware or software. All charges are to be paid in full at the time of service unless agreed to otherwise. Rates are subject to change without notice.


*Initial Consultation is not troubleshooting and fixing.  If any work is completed by an agent of DMAC TECHNOLOGY GROUP,inc. for the customer during 1st hour of initial consultation, customer waives free initial consultation and work is billed as listed.